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  • Partner Program
    OPEX Agent Program
    • OPEX has designed our Agent program with the Agent in mind. All of our resources are pointed to the automation of systems that allow an Agent the ability to manage their own business without the worry of back office issues.
    • OPEX offers a free customized web site to all agents. The web site contains information for marketing and fulfillment of orders from end users. It is key for an Agent that wants to cover more ground in their prospecting efforts.
    • OPEX offers one of the most comprehensive reporting systems in the industry. Every Agent has online access to their database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our agent portal. Along with superior monthly commission reporting and payment on collected revenue, this system allows an Agent the freedom of doing what they do best. Selling!
    • OPEX is the leader in paying top commissions and offering outstanding rates. Combine that with the awesome automation and OPEX is the company to partner with.
    OPEX Affiliate Program
    • OPEX offers a Web Site owner the opportunity to create a revenue center that is seamless and profitable. Simply put, OPEX delivers a fulfillment site that compliments any Web Site's marketing initiative.
    • It's easy! It's seamless! It's OPEX
    • OPEX is partners with some of the largest unique-visited web sites on the Internet. We have created a residual income for many large web site owners who previously based their income on a per transaction basis. OPEX is fiscally the smartest decision that you can make for a long-term business strategy.
    • OPEX is the fastest growing long-distance company in the United States because of our ability to automate systems and create a seamless way for anyone to get into the telecommunications business. Marketing is what you do best! Maintain your core competency and create a revenue center that keeps on paying. It doesn't get much easier than this!