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  • Testimonials
    • We can go on and on about how our long-distance prices will save you hundreds, and how the OPEX Experience, in terms of customer care, is unmatched within the industry. We can...but we prefer to let our customers do the talking for us.
    • The testimonials below are from customers who took time to share with us how they feel about choosing OPEX for their long-distance needs. Our customers are our #1 priority--and we are proud that our outstanding customer care team receives recognition from them virtually every day.
    • I love OPEX!! I cannot believe that everyone doesn't switch to this wonderful long distance plan. I have NEVER received an offer that beats my long distant rates, and I even have a toll free number that bills me at the same rates as I get when making calls! Other companies wanted over six times what I pay per minute for toll free service! I simply cannot say enough good things about OPEX.
    • Why stay with an overpriced company when you can get your long distance rates so low, along with excellent customer service? One has nothing to lose, and everything to gain by trying OPEX. I refer my family and friends! Thanks OPEX, for giving me such great service at the best price out there! And my college age daughter can call me on my toll free number anytime, and I don't worry that it will cost me a fortune.
    • Marjorie T.
      Munds Park, AZ
    • I've had my OPEX service now for more than a year and I love it. Just being able to have the toll free number so inexpensively is worth it to me. I saw such a dramatic decrease in my long distance expenses and I've told lots of people about your service.

      Thank you!

      Martin M.
      Idyllwild, CA
    • I really enjoy using the OPEX long distance service.

      Martinva S.
      Tuscaloosa, AL
    • I must tell you how easy it was for me to pay my bill on-line. I've had to cancel with other companies because they make it too difficult to sign in and make payments. Thank you for being so wise in your on-line

      Kimberyly E.
      San Diego, CA
    • WOW!!! I just wanted to thank OPEX for giving me such an awesome deal on my long distance! Prior to finding your company and services online, my local carrier was really 'milking' me for my International long distance rates. I'm still paying hundreds of $$s for calls that lasted less than 10 or 15 minutes to South Korea! When I saw that my 7-minute call using OPEX was less than $1.00 (yes, less than ONE DOLLAR!!!) I knew that you're the carrier for my family, my friends and me!

      God Bless your efforts and progress for making a displaced family in Alabama feel back at home in Maryland by making our long distance affordable and readily available! You're awesome!

      Flabbergasted and Sincerely…

      Natasha S.
      Newville, CA
    • You guys rock! My mouth dropped when I got my first bill. Half of what I was paying before. You can't beat that. All the best and continued success.

      Sincerely, a very happy, loyal customer.

      Jose M.
      El Paso, TX
    • I must admit that when I first did an online search for long distance service and came across OPEX, I really had my doubts. I wondered if it was a scam, I worried that I would be financially taken to the cleaners, or that OPEX was just another "fly by night" service that was here today and gone tomorrow. I have been a customer for quite sometime now, and I am more than pleased to report that you have stood by every claim you made, you have saved me tremendously on my long distance service, and most importantly, you are honest. I have had to call the customer service department on a couple of occasions and the representatives are pleasant and helpful. I will recommend you to all my friends and relatives.

      Thank you for giving me another alternative besides Sprint.

      Thank you again.

      Diane S.
      Lady Lake, FL
    • I have been an OPEX customer for some time now. WHAT A DEAL. I have been thoroughly pleased with the OPEX service and quality. And especially the savings. OPEX has been the best bargain in long distance I have ever seen. I do everything possible to convince my associates that OPEX is the only logical Long Distance service.

      Thank you OPEX.

      Bob K.
      Brunswick, GA
    • I just received my second bill from OPEX. This is wonderful...my long distance bills are half of what they used to be!

      Margaret K.
      Henry, IL
    • I am so happy I converted from AT&T to OPEX! I especially like your low rates, and your unmatched customer service, especially when I am able to pay by check over the Internet. Keep up the outstanding quality service! I LOVE OPEX!!!!

      Buddy B.
      Lola, KS
    • I have to commend OPEX on their service and prices. We have never had the wonderful prices for long distance. My son lives in North Carolina, brother in Virginia and daughter in Berlin, Germany so we do make a lot of calls. The overseas rates are great, too. Thank you OPEX for such great service.

      Gloria F.
      Savanah, GA
    • I am very pleased with the service that I have received. I was a little hesitant about switching from AT&T (I had been an AT&T customer for over 25 years!), but I realize now that it was a smart move. I have all of the options that I need, and I am saving money along the way! Thanks OPEX!!

      Michael Q.
      Kansas City, MO
    • I have dealt with AT&T, WorldCom and Sprint and they all tried to increase our rates after the promotion. Working to solve the problems at AT&T took an entire year. Ever since we joined OPEX two years ago, we have never had a problem. We have 8 phone lines and four 800 numbers and while it is rare to have to call OPEX for anything, their response to our concerns has always been timely and helpful. I recommend OPEX to everyone when the topic of long distance carriers comes up.

      Steve L.
      Annapolis, MD
    • I have used AT&T, Sprint, MCI, SBC and Alltel for my long distance services in the past. I had become disgusted with their service and calling plans. Then I found OPEX online. So, I thought I'd give it a try. I just knew there would be some hidden charges after my first month of service.

      Well, that was 6 months ago and all I can say is that I'm extremely pleased with OPEX. I get an email informing me that my payment has been received. I have not encountered one single problem with the long distance service, nor have I encountered one single surcharge for their long distance service. I have bragged to all of my friends and family and suggested that they change their long distance to OPEX.

      Thanks for such an honest and high-quality long distance plan! It's been a long time coming!!!

      Jacqueline M.
      Benton, AR
    • Our phone bill is less than 30% of what it used to be with other companies. During our busy tax season that saves us hundreds of dollars. THANKS.

      Don B.
      Colorado Springs, CO
    • Finally a long distance service that delivers exactly what it promises: No hidden fees, no prefix numbers, no special calling hours. OPEX has the best rate as well as customer service that is out of this world. Thank you OPEX.

      Rutgh C.
      Elderburg, MD
    • OPEX is the cheapest long distance service I have ever used. At first I was worried the service would be bad, but it has been fantastic. The payment/billing options are the best I've ever used. I'd recommend OPEX to everyone.

      Kevin B.
      Darlington, MD
    • I wanted you to know we think you are the best long-distance phone service we have had. I talked three of my kids into going with you and they are also happy. They can call us more often now. Thanks.

      Harold G.
      Florence, AL
    • I have been using OPEX Communications as my long distance carrier for over a year and have had absolutely no problems. I have enrolled my entire family and all my friends in OPEX's long distance service!! They are extremely happy also. Thank You.

      Walter E.
      Jessup, MD
    • I want to say that the long distance service and the customer care you have provided is super, above and beyond any other company I have had to deal with. We recommend your service to anyone we know that is in the market for long distance and direct dial in.

      Robert T.
      Frankfort, KY
    • My phone has been cut in half since I've been using OPEX. Thanks ever so much!

      Sharon F.
      Costa Mesa, CA
    • I used to pay up to $20 a month just for service plans with AT&T. Ridiculous. I switched to OPEX and have had service with them for 1-1/2 years now. I have never been so happy to add up so many little decimal places when splitting the bill with roommates, knowing I'm only paying for fractions of minutes that would have been charged to me whole through other providers. OPEX rocks out.

      Jill P.
      Lawrence, KS
    • Thank you for wonderful service! I have been with and used a great number of long distance provider over the years. OPEX is the first and only provider that has gone beyond the call to provide excellence in all areas. I am very satisfied and pleased to be a part of OPEX. For someone who is on a limited income such as I am, OPEX is without doubt or competition. I feel OPEX sets the standard others only try to achieve. Thanks OPEX, it is truly refreshing to see people run a business properly and with compassion.

      James B.
      Vero Beach, FL
    • Wow!!!!!! Thank goodness we found you!!! Great service...unbelievable rates...and more importantly, tremendous savings. OPEX is our long distance provider forever!!!!

      Cathy C.
      Pasadena, MD
    • I am amazed how inexpensive my bills are with OPEX. I actually called last month to double check that it was right! Great customer service people and help when I need it. Thanks!

      Marcelle A.
      Colonia , NJ
    • Your service is absolutely superb!!! I have had troubles with MCI & ATT when I was not even their customer. I was with Z-Tel for 2 months and everything went wrong with pricing and service. I tried to switch to MCI and AT&T then and Z-Tel would not let that happen so I was getting bills from all three companies even though I had no service with them. Finally got that cleared up after months of phone calls. Since I have been with you the service has been impeccable, the courtesy when I call is always friendly and speedy. The pricing is excellent. Thank you so much for being there!

      Nancy V.
      Harrison , MI
    • As a professional communications consultant I advise many corporations on their communications needs. OPEX gives me the best value for my dollar!!! The few times I've called in for customer service I was very impressed with the total professionalism extended to me. Great VALUE , Great SERVICE…what more can I say!!

      Dennis B.
      Glendale , AZ
    • I thought "What the heck, I'll give them a try even though I felt sure it was too good to be true." When I got my first bill I was shocked twice. First of all I could actually understand it, but most of all what they said was true: No extra fees, no tricks about when or how I used my phone. Finally I can afford my phone bill, Thanks OPEX!

      Michael M.
      Madisonville , KY
    • My husband and I would really like to thank you and your staff for getting back to us regarding tolls calls. You offer much, much better rates than Verizon and your service is one we consider better!!!!!!

      Vickie B.
      Brans Road, MD
    • After using many different long distance carriers over many years, I am thrilled to find a company that has the combination of the lowest long distance rates, the least amount of surcharges, no minimum usage, and no telemarketing calls. A real person must have dreamed up this company, because it is everything big business is not. Thank you. I hope for you to be my last long distance carrier.

      Cathy P.
      Island, KY
    • You have the best prices and excellent services. Whenever the other phone companies call me and try to get me to change, they are speechless when I tell them how delighted I am with my current OPEX service and they can't believe the prices. Thank you for freeing us from the monopoly of the other companies!

      Janet J.
      Baltimore, MD
    • Testimonial: Since I switched to OPEX, my long distance charges are HALF of what I had been paying. No gimmicks, just service. I LOVE IT.

      Carla S.
      Lake Worth, FL
    • I have been with OPEX for several months now and I realize the savings and the smooth and efficient service I am receiving from your company. It is just great! Thank you!

      Roswell W.
      Hephzibah, GA
    • I have been with your company for about 10 months now, and I absolutely love the service provided. The rates are low, lower than I have found through some other providers and without "gimmicks" or "surprises" when the bill comes. I make on average 50-60 long distance calls per month and receive approximately 100 incoming calls into my 800#. My bills are always manageable, clear and concise. Thanks OPEX....I couldn't do it without you.

      Marilyn L.
      Palms, GA
    • I have been with your company for about 10 months now, and I absolutely love the service provided. The rates are low, lower than I have found through some other providers and without "gimmicks" or "surprises" when the bill comes. I make on average 50-60 long distance calls per month and receive approximately 100 incoming calls into my 800#. My bills are always manageable, clear and concise. Thanks OPEX....I couldn't do it without you.

      Marilyn L.
      Palms, GA
    • I just want to say what a great job OPEX is doing considering all of the problems in the world today with the communications industry, I am so grateful that all I have to do is lift the receiver and I automatically know that my call will go through, and without having to pay an enormous service charge to a subcontractor. Thanks.

      Randy O.
      Sterling Heights, MI
    • My phone bills used to be over $60 a month. Since using OPEX with a $25 pre-payment, I still have a credit of over $7! This savings is with the extended service, toll-free number, long-distance and calling card usage! You just can't beat the service or prices of OPEX!

      Kristin W.
      Racine, WI
    • OPEX is great!!! No unexpected fees or charges, great service. I have switched my home and business phones to OPEX and can't believe the savings. Don't be afraid to switch, you won't be disappointed.

      Susan W.
      Crystal Lake, IL
    • I can't believe how inexpensive the OPEX service is. I'm going to sign my father up and recommend the service to the rest of my family!

      Kathleen B.
      Montgomery Village, MD
    • OPEX, a quiet, no-nonsense long distance carrier that provides service without the high prices highly advertised carriers impose.

      Donald G.
      South Bend, IN
    • Excellent service, very good long distance rates and easy to understand billing. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone.

      William B.
      Germantown, MD
    • Your OPEX service really pleases me. How do I get information to people who could us your service?

      Mozelle B.
      Chico, CA
    • I have saved more money with OPEX than I ever have with any other company that I tried before. I can call my sister in Florida and talk to her for an hour and it only costs me approx. $3.00. I can’t beat that anywhere. I want to thank you for having such a great company for me to sign with. I would love to advertise for you and tell everyone about your great company. I tell all my friends about it now. Have a great day and thanks again for helping me to save so much money. I am disabled and need all the savings

      Ina R.
      Palo Alto, CA
    • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the savings on our long distance bill! Our only regret is that we did not switch to OPEX sooner. AT&T keeps pestering us to switch back to them, but I take great pleasure in telling them how much we are saving and scolding them for over-charging us all these years. Thanks again,

      Fred and Ann S.
      Madison, WI
    • I have been with the company for over a year now and OPEX has yet to run afoul with my confidence.

      Andrew K.
      Delran, NJ
    • I have retired from Bell Atlantic telephone company after 25 years service in 1995 and I must say OPEX has been a wonderful, professional and very easy to do business with. Everyone at OPEX has been very kind. I have referred several people and it is wonderful to have you as my long distance company. Thank you for your great service.

      Carole S.
      Ridge, MD
    • Thanks OPEX. I get a good chuckle several times a day seeing your competitors TV ads which claim "lowest rates"...and then you see the disclaimer "when compared to..." never to include OPEX, and their phone solicitors say "oh OPEX" and then go silent before hanging up. MY, oh my, MY OPEX !!!

      Kenneth M.
      Jackson, MI